25 věcí, které umí Češi nejlépe

Tohle je text, který jsme vymýšleli společně se Stefanem, Filipem a Kačkou v letadle nad La Manchem, když jsme přemýšleli, jak naší českou skupinu (a Čechy obecně) prezentovat na cultural evening v rámci kurzu How to deal with conflicts in youthwork.

TOP 25 things… that czech people know the best of all

  1. Build the most beautiful city in europe and then build a highway directly through it.
  2. To be outdoor.
  3. To complain – on everything, everytime.
  4. To sell any valuable or strategic czech companies to russian mafia.
  5. To brew and – of course – to drink beer.
  6. To give lessons of classical dance.
  7. To build the most expensive highways in whole EU.
  8. To make strange things like sugar cubes, safety match, icehokey puks and sticks, contact lenses, semtex and pervitine (ephedrine).
  9. To translate, read and understand Terry Pratchett and british humor at all.
  10. To have fun – even in situations you would never think of joking… Maybe that’s why Himmler called us „smiling beasts“.
  11. To create „The Ministry of Informatics“ just because the parties can not agree on the amount of ministers in the new government.
  12. To steal our own wellfare. Anyway, we gave the world new word – tunneling (banks and so on). We also showed whole the world how to do that.
  13. To make vurst (sausages) on fire.
  14. To build beautiful townsquare in the hearth of the city and then fill it with prostitutes and fastfoods.
  15. To have almost the best scholar system with definitely the worse wages (salaries).
  16. To improvisate (for example our nurses and soldiers are well known for this).
  17. To support, love, hate and fight communists.
  18. To call Slovaks „brothers“ and then divide Czechoslovakia to Czech and Slovakian republic.
  19. To explain that Czech Republic and Slovakian Republic are not one country till 1993.
  20. To invent briliant icehockey strategies and then loose it in olympic final with Slovaks.
  21. To have high quality, world known doctors and to pay them so bad that they go to work in Germany.
  22. To write and play damn good music.
  23. To cheat in cues.
  24. To protest (doesn’t matter what against) in a pub. When others burn cars, we burn cigarettes.
  25. To keep keltic traditions in the middle of Europe – and then destroy one of our three biggest keltic archeologic places.

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